Upcoming Outdoor Concerts in Sacramento and Bay Area California

The Sacramento and Bay Area regions of California offer a great deal of culture and local flavor. These parts of California feature numerous opportunities and venues for film, art, and so much more. Music in the Sacramento and Bay Area regions is definitely one of the most attractive elements to the larger arts community in this part of California.

If you are planning to visit Sacramento or the Bay Area, then it is well worth finding out more about upcoming outdoor concerts.

Sacramento and Bay Area California Upcoming Outdoor Concerts

Sacramento and the Bay Area in California offer tremendous opportunities for music, art, film, and everything else you could ever want in cultural possibilities. There are also a wide variety of cultural and other types of festivals. The range of outdoor concerts is equally impressive. Concerts in the Park is just one example of what you can find in these regions. There are events to satisfy all tastes. There are outdoor music spectaculars that are popular with locals and tourists alike.

By far, Concert in the Park is the one of the most popular events in not only Sacramento, but throughout California, as well. From May 6th to July 29th, Downtown Sacramento is definitely the place to be for fantastic live music. With the exception of July 1st, every Friday night at Concert in the Park features a wide range of local artists. You’ll definitely want to check the 2016 Concert in the Park schedule for specific information. Over 5500 individuals jam into the vicinity to check out a diverse assortment of local bands, local solo artists, and some of the hottest DJs in the area. Concert in the Park has been delighting residents and visitors for over 20 years, making it the longest running music festival in Sacramento. You may want to consider getting there early to take advantage of the wonderful local farmer’s market. You’ll also want to note that parking in the area is a dream. Over twenty-thousand off-street parking spaces can be found, in addition to an impressive 1500 on-street metered spaces. There are also participating bars and night spots that can keep the party going well beyond the hours of the Friday festival. After all, Downtown Sacramento has everything you could ever need to make your Friday night a memorable one.

If you want to take in the rich cultural diversity of the area, make sure you check out the Cinco de Mayo Festival.

This annual May event features music, dance, food, and so much more. GATHER: Oak Park is a wonderful food and craft beer festival that is held every second Thursday from May to August, and live music is just one of the attractions you can enjoy. Fremont Park is a wonderful place to visit at any point in the year. However, if you happen to be there during the months of June through August, you’re going to want to make some time for the Hot Lunch Concert Series. Midtown in May is one of the most exciting spots in the region. The ‘In the Flow” Jazz Festival is an excellent example of what you can find during that particular month.

If you happen to be a rock music fanatic, you’ll want to hit up Aftershock during the last week of October. This rock festival is sponsored by Monster Energy, and past acts have included Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Faith No More, Jane’s Addiction, and many others.

Traveling To the Shows

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sacramento and Bay Area regions, then you’ll want to have your transportation needs taken care of ahead of time. While some areas feature plenty of parking, other areas are a little trickier. As Personal Injury Attorneys reminds us, a lot of automobile accidents occur on the weekend nights, so be careful. According to Rehm, if you don’t want to utilize public transportation, then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of Uber, in terms of getting to and from your concerts quickly and safely.

If you do opt for public transportation, you’ll want to note that the area features a variety of options. Bus and light rail services are available in a variety of locations. No matter which festival or outdoor concert you might consider, there’s a good chance you can find a bus or light rail schedule to accommodate you. Check the SACRT website ahead of time for schedules and service disruption notices.

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